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presented by the Songwriters' Association of Washington

The 32nd Mid-Atlantic Song Contest Award Recipients


(HM = Honorable Mention)

 Grand Prize     "Fall"                                                          Andrew Tufano                                                             

2nd Place Overall

"Pretty Mama Put A Spell On Me" Jess Eliot Myhre

3rd Place Overall

"Is That You" Debra Gussin, Rik Howard

BMI Songwriter Award

"In Living Color" Matthew Prodanovich, Adam Bradley, Michael Pereira, John Fengya, Mark Barry Siford, Mike Chinen

Director’s Choice Award

"Abide" Susan Cattaneo
Young Artist Award "Wrong" Conway Seavey

Adult Contemporary

Gold “Fall” Andrew Tufano
Silver “A Dance” Madeline Clark
Finalist “Alive” Wren (Jess Graham)
Finalist “Bliss” Louis Cate
Finalist “I Lied” Danielle Deckard
HM “I Miss You” Becky Warren
HM “In My Dreams” Mike Hyden
HM “Taking Off In A Plane” Tim Griggs
HM “The Things We Leave Behind” Bruce Parker
HM “To You” Sal Rourke
HM “Wild Butterfly” Frank Ulbert, Petra Pakai


Gold “Claire From No One Knows Where” Amanda Maffei
Silver “Introduce You To Some Colors” Jelani Clay, Troy Washington
Finalist “I Like To Swim In My Spaghetti” J. Adrian Verkouteren
Finalist “I Wanna Be A Garbage Man” Gabe Hutter
Finalist “Wishing You Sweet Dreams (Hadley’s Lullaby) Chris Hardy
HM “Bobolinko” Peter Maggitti
HM “Squishy Squishy Flip Flops“ Randy Sauer
HM “That’s The Way It Goes” Gabe Hutter

Country / Bluegrass

Gold “Diamond” Michael “Max” McGee, Katey Laurel Lawson
Silver “Just Like Jordan“ Sam Gleaves
Finalist “Guitar Players Get The Girls” Debra Gussin, Marty Dodson
Finalist “Pour Me A Drink“ Ross Farquhar Anderson
Finalist “Working Shoes” Sam Gleaves
HM “All Night Long“ Patrick Dodge
HM “For Sale Sign“ Kevin Dudley
HM “Our Hearts Bend” Michael “Max” McGee, Angel Pontier, Mervin “Butch” Paulson
HM “I Still Love You In Pieces” Michael “Max” McGee, Luke Maness
HM “My Name” Ross Farquhar Anderson
HM “Playing Possum” Michael “Max” McGee, Jeff Moxcey
HM “Single-Digit Highway” Richard Newman
HM “Time” Lauren Spring
HM “Wearing White” Nicky Rood, Molly Brown

Folk / Acoustic

Gold “The Field” Letitia VanSant
Silver “Something Tells Me” Nancy Beaudette
Finalist “Blues God Has To Hide” Laurence Baer
Finalist “December Rain” Bill Baker
Finalist “Lewis And Clark” Justin Farren
HM “Ain’t We Brothers” Sam Gleaves
HM “Company Of Stones“ Nancy Beaudette
HM “Dreaming“ Ryan Minton, Chip Johnson, Michael Dasher
HM “Hands (Wedding Song)“ Lindsay White
HM “I Am An Immigrant” Jesse Palidofsky
HM “If Your Well Has Run Dry” Laura Zucker
HM “Killing Game” Pat Humphries, Sandy O.
HM “Prodigal Son” Amy Kucharik
HM “The End” Ryan Minton, Michael Dasher, Chip Johnson

Folk Rock/Americana/Roots Rock

“Going To America (All For One, 
One For All & All For All)

David Goldman
Silver “Abide”  Susan Cattaneo 
Finalist “Ev’ry Single Day”  Davey O. 
Finalist “No Such Thing” Owen Danoff
Finalist “Wooden Nickel”  Carrie Ferguson 
HM  “A Ghost”  Kelsi Fadness
HM  “Don’t Look Down“  Annette Wasilik 
HM  “Gravity (Move Mountains, Turn Rivers Around)“  Mary Fahl 
HM  “La Dee Da Tune”  Steve Johnson 
HM  “Legend Of The Fireflies”  JD Southard, Joe Vulpis 
HM  “Make Me Real”           Bill Baker 
HM  “Midnight Ghost”  Hugh Trimble 
HM  “Say Nothing”  Sesha Smallwood, Gary Smallwood 
HM  “Seven Days”  Ryan Minton, Chip Johnson, Michael Dasher 

Gospel / Inspirational / Christian

Gold “Is That You” Debra Gussin, Rik Howard
Silver “It’s The Rain” Patrick Dodge, Gene Ezell
Finalist “Refuge” Michael Knox, Lynette Ruiz
Finalist “Sing About Love“ Brian Bell
Finalist “Tonight“ Brett Barry
HM “By Way Of The Light” Arlon Bennett, John Sonntag
HM “Come Holy Spirit“ Michael Knox, Lynette Ruiz, Kurtis Parks
HM “I Praise Your Name“ Bob Reilly
HM “Live In Love“ Laurence Baer
HM “Still Small Voice“ Michael Knox, Kurtis Parks, Lynette Ruiz, Chris Douglas 
HM “Yearn For You“  Michael Knox, Lynette Ruiz 
HM “You Are Called, You Are Chosen”  Eddie Cavazos, Eva Wilson 
HM “You Chose Me”  Myrna Riquier, Greg Shields
HM “You’re My Light”  Michael Knox, Lynette Ruiz, Kurtis Parks 


Gold “Montage (Approaching The End of Time)” Joseph A. Peragine, John Muccino
Silver “Sirocco” Woody Lissauer
Finalist “Grey Skies” Daniel Senie
Finalist “Mariachi Waltz” Laurence Baer
Finalist “Under The Current” Michael Gottleib, Michael Bronson, David Meer, Dave Krug, Eric Robinson, Richard Walton
HM “A Guest In The House Of The Wind”          Woody Lissauer
HM “Catharsis” Joe Sharrow
HM “Emotional” Lou DeAdder
HM “Far From It” Peter F. Nostrand
HM “Flying Solo” Jim Waters
HM “(-) Neg” Joseph A. Peragine
HM “Oyster Point Spacial” Gantt Mann Kushner
HM “Palette Full Of Jazz” Lanny Sherwin
HM “Seven Up” Carl Bartlett, Jr.


Gold “There’s An App For That” Drew Jacobs
Silver “Amoeba” Elise Witt
Finalist “Petunia” Kevin Wanzor, Anna Dagmar
Finalist “Trust” Ira Levin, Julia Bordenaro Levin
Finalist “You Got It Goin’ On” Nancy Beaudette, Christine Hatch
HM “Brighter” Sarah Fridrich
HM “Couldn’t Stand To Never Fall In Love Again” Kelley Kennedy
HM “Don’t React” Debra Gussin
HM “La Cendre” Juliette Marie Marguerite Dewoitine, Emily Chimiak, T. A. Zook
HM “Sargasso Sea” Joseph P. Harris


Gold “Fireflies” Andrew Tufano
Silver “Wrong” Conway Seavey
Finalist “Black Flak” Alissa Musto
Finalist “Fire In Your Eyes” Alicia Rae
Finalist “Hit Or Miss” Patrick Garrity
HM “A Brand New Year” Barry Geldzahler, Alan Roy Scott
HM “Collide” Joseph Keith, Austin Bello
HM “Let Me Go“ Adam Horin
HM “Open Up” Michelle Lockey, Nathan Nasby
HM “Something To Follow” Adam Horin
HM “You So Mean Nothing To Me” Debra Gussin

R&B / Hip Hop / Urban

Gold “Fight” Lulu Fall, James Theory
Silver “No Better” Lulu Fall, James Theory
Finalist “Appleseed Seventeen” Ian Craig, Bruce Harrison
Finalist “Ground Zero”            Dee Vine
Finalist “That Someone” Robert Snรบhgie Stocks, Adrian Graham Clements
HM “Dirty Mind”  Michael “Max” McGee, Adam Wright, Jeff Oxford
HM “Fact Or Fiction”  Rolanda Carter 
HM “Fall Back“ Hunter Reece 
HM “Have Faith In Me”  Debra Hubbard 
HM “Macchiato Love”  Debra Hubbard 
HM “Twilight Of Dawn”  Louis Cate 

Rock / Alternative

Gold “In Living Color” Matthew Prodanovich, Adam Bradley, Michael Pereira, John Fengya, Mark Barry Siford, Mike Chinen
Silver “You Thought You Were” Alex Rhoads
Finalist “Good Enough For Me” Andrew Como, Matthew Como
Finalist “I’m Not The One” Madison Gestiehr, Davis Gestiehr
Finalist “Nights By Streetlights” Tristan Miller
HM “Born Lucky” Midori Longo, Ron Longo, Dave Briggs
HM “Couldn’t Make It Up” Steve Lauri
HM “Door“ Vuong (Okiya Ohkosh)
HM “Escape” Lincoln Howard, Jr.
HM “Election Day In New York City” Sarah Van Sciver
HM “Every Man For Himself” Andrew Tufano
HM “Golden Hour”            Anthony Alvarado
HM “Second Chance” Grace Sperber-Whyte, Arielle Gottlieb
HM “Tell You I’m Fine” Andrew Como, Matthew Como

Vocal Jazz / Blues

Gold “Pretty Mama Put A Spell On Me” Jess Eliot Myhre
Silver “Blues God Has To Hide” Laurence Baer
Finalist “Coffee Mama” Chris Ousley
Finalist “Katrina Blues” Mike Glick, Fred Meckler
Finalist “Sky Blue Sky” Avi Wisnia
HM “Cry Till The Morning Light” Bill Smith, Eddie Sutphin
HM “Devil’s Highway” Jon Spear, Dara James
HM “Everything Happens At Once” Woody Lissauer
HM “I’m So Worried”        Darryl Ellyson
HM “Love Becomes You” Arlon Bennett
HM “Old Soul” Jon Spear
HM “Paid In Full” Jon Spear, Dara James
HM “She Knows” Ross Farquhar Anderson, Ryan E. Vogt, Rob Vogt
HM “Wednesdays” Melanie Mitrano

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