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Songwriter's Toolbox in Woodbridge, VA (3rd Saturday)

  • 05/19/2018
  • 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Woodbridge Nazarene Church, 14001 Smoketown Rd., Woodbridge, VA 22192

Matt Holsen will kick off our new Woodbridge Songwriters’ Toolbox series with a 20 minute version of his popular Chord Grammar class.

Chords have grammar. The chords in a progression relate to each other like words in a sentence. Each chord changes the meaning of the others, and the whole progression is a single idea. You don't need to think about it. Like regular grammar, you just hear it. And chords add meaning to lyrics and point to melody. The chord progression can signal "new idea here" or "this is a comment on that" or "I'm not done yet" or any number of things harder to describe. In the Chord Grammar workshop, Matt will give you a taste of some of the ways chords add an entire new dimension to a lyric, and a few some techniques for building rich progressions.

Matt Holsen will lead the first Toolbox at our new Woodbridge location: Woodbridge Nazarene Church, 14001 Smoketown Rd., Woodbridge, VA 22192. Come share your songs in a friendly, respectful environment in this workshop / song circle.

These sessions strive to be both respectful, positive environments and a genuine attempt to address and assist your efforts to write the better song. Come hear what your songwriting peers are doing, share your latest writings, ramblings or unfinished opus and find out what SAW can do to help you be a better songwriter.
If you have a song to share, please bring 10 - 12 copies of the lyrics to help with the discussion.

For more information about this location, contact Brent Ruggles at brent.m.ruggles@gmail.com. The Songwriters' Toolbox sessions are organized by Jay Keating, Jay@know1else.com.

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