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The Mid Atlantic Song Contest is open and ready for you to enter

Welcome song writers, song lovers, song singers and other casual misfits of the creative rodeo that is modern music. SAW hopes to be your best resource for tools, tips, ideas and relationships. If you seek opporTUNEities to share your gift, come and join us as we make the solitary suffering that is songwriting an enriching community-based experience (or at least try real hard). Roam our pages and social media outposts, ask questions, attend functions and otherwise make yourself heard and seen. If we help you find rhyme, that is our reason. SAW is a community of volunteers, so we need you to participate. Make yourself at home and get to work on your next song.    


Please visit us on Facebook for the most up-to-date information


Just a great lineup of singer/songwriters at the cool and air Conditioned home of area music, Hank Dietle's Tavern, on Wed July 17th. Michael Potts, Jeff Smith, Juels Bland, Catherine Messina Pajic, Daniel Ogden, Paul Wolfe, Mercedes Vargas Lugo, Kelly Diamond and Jay Keating will help you kill the "summertime blues"

As part of NERFA (virtual) last year, we produced two showcases The Joel Pomerantz Memorial Guerrilla Showcases, featuring 25 amazing local acts. This is a cooperative effort of SAW, Focus Music, TPFF, Institute of Musical Traditions, WFMA, and Moore Music in the House. Please support all these fine efforts at making our local music scene thrive  and stay tuned for where to watch the showcases after NERFA.

Visit the Mid Atlantic Song Contest MASC page

Congratulations to this year's MASC winners. You can listen to the winning songs HERE. And congratulations to everyone who entered. This songwriting thing we do is often a solitary practice. The many ways the you share your work help to make the DMV area such a great scene.

You have added your voice, your music, your words and in some cases your video to the collective conspiracy to commit art in an entertaining way. 

SAW wants to make this experience as real and worthwhile as we can and we are always looking to hear from you what we can do. 

WHERE (else) can you find SAW online?





The Songwriters’ Association of Washington (SAW) is a community of aspiring and professional songwriters dedicated to cultivating excellence in song craft.  Established as a non-profit organization in 1979, SAW continues to develop, promote, and encourage songwriters through education, networking, and performance opportunities throughout the Washington DC metropolitan area.

People of all ages and musical backgrounds join SAW to become better songwriters, find collaborators, learn about the business and craft of songwriting, showcase and strengthen their performance and musical skills, and make lifelong friends. 

Songwriters' Association of Washington is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.


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