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presented by the Songwriters' Association of Washington


39th MASC

Grand prize:  Teghan Devon — Our Garden
2nd place: Tony Denikos — Purple Hearts
3rd place: Jim Johnson —  Continental Divide
Director's Award: Christie Chirinos — Empathy  
Young Artist: Ava Della Pietra

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38th MASC

Grand Prize:  Mike Ryan  Between Heaven and the Ground  
2nd Place Overall:  Kevin Dudley  For Sale Sign
3rd Place Overall:  Chris Hardy  Wasting Time
Young Artist Award: Calista Garcia   After You're Gon

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37th MASC

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Grand Prize (tie):   Munit Mesfin for "Adwa" and
Conor Brendon for "
You Are Not Alone

2nd Place Overall: Sophia and Jo Babb for “If I Were a Ghost
3rd Place Overall: Tony Denikos for "Gravity Wins"
Young Artist Awards:  Alexandria Paris for “Sleeping Giants” (Video)   
     Benny Roman for “Open Road” (Pop)
     Lindsey Hirshfeld for “A Dandelion Seed” (Open, Folk)

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36th MASC

Grand Prize: "The Impossible Sky" by Stephen Coffee
2nd Place Overall: "Awe and Wonder" by Emily Mitchel
3rd Place Overall: "We Gotta Run Boys" by Phillip Beatty and Allen Kave
Director's Award: Bill Mulroney
SAW Serves Award: The MusicianShip
Young Artist Award: Ava Anderson

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35th MASC (2018)

Grand Prize: "Left Behind" by Mike P. Ryan
2nd Place Overall: "Chasing Daylight" by Eli Lev and Austin Bello
3rd Place Overall: "Washington Square Lullaby" by Madeline Clark
Director's Award: Shawna Caspi

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34th MASC (2017)

Grand Prize: “Ain’t Enough" by John Wort Hannam
2nd Place Overall: “Blood” by Tedd Swormstedt
3rd Place Overall: “Dorothy’s Alive and Well” by Brian Derek Burrows

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