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presented by the Songwriters' Association of Washington

The 35th MASC winning songs are listed below. 

Thanks to all the people who write songs. And to all the people who submitted. This year there were so many good songs that too many people who deserved one didn't get an award. But songwriters and songwriting only get better and stronger as you support the craft, the art, the joy and madness that is being a songwriter. And that is the best reward for all of us who write and sing for all the right reasons.

The 35th Mid-Atlantic Song Contest Award Recipients

Adult Contemporary                            

Gold       Oh No No Chris Hardy

Silver      Made to be Used  Daniel Lee

Finalist   Blame Time Sara Curtin

Finalist   Hold Me in Your Arms Siobhán O'Brien

HM         Gamble Madeline Clark

HM         Maybe Next Time Gregory Johnson

HM         Me and The Moon  Gregory Johnson

HM         No Victor Madeline Clark

HM         See The World Eli Lev


Gold       Wild Wind  Justin Seagrave

Silver      Find it Say Amen Jess Eliot Myhre

Finalist   Growing Up and Growing Down Eli Lev

Finalist   Jesus Had Two Daddies Sean McGraw

Finalist   Reservoir Tom Heany

HM         Flowers  Melissa Ward

HM         I Paid Up Lisa Ann Wright

HM         Montana  Woody Lissauer

HM         No One Asks Me   Karyn Oliver

HM         Nowadays Madeline Clark


Gold       Alien in an Ambulance Marsha Goodman-Wood

Silver      Ballad of Isabella Sassparilla Michael Rose

Finalist   A Race in Space Jim Thorne

Finalist   All the Creeping Things Justin Seagrave

HM         Explore The World  Marsha Goodman-Wood

HM         Insects and Spiders  Christine Stay, Aidan Quinn

HM         You and I Michelle Murray, Scott Free


Gold       I Don't Wanna be Me  Tedd Swormstedt, Keesy Timmer, Daniel Reifsnyder

Silver      A Good Old Fiddle Tune  Kevin Hale

Finalist   Broken Horses Scott Thoroman

Finalist   Free as the Wind  Andrew Wolf

HM         Change Tedd Swormstedt, Jeffrey East

HM         Distant Shores  Paul Wolfe

HM         I Really Don't Belong Here  Joe Wrabek

HM         Morning Frank Hogans

HM         Natchez Trace  Katherine Rondeau

HM         Sings to Me   Darin Spencer, Dakota Spencer

HM         We Fall  Tedd Swormstedt

Folk Acoustic                                         

Gold       Left Behind  Mike P. Ryan

Silver      Not So Silent Shawna Caspi

Finalist   Mama’s Eyes Susan Rowe

Finalist   Reeds on the River Nancy Beaudette

HM         A Horse Named Night Train Cathy Main

HM         Am I Beautiful  Shira Averbuch

HM         Cages Seth Kibel, Flo Anito

HM         Grom Ballad  William Hamel

HM         Hard Times (Katy's Song)  Mike P. Ryan

HM         If You're Not Outraged (You Are Not Listening) Mike Glick

HM         Narrows of The Year  Ellen Gozion

HM         Wander   Teghan Devon

HM         Wild Wind   Justin Seagrave

HM         You knew my Name  Eden Neville


Gold       Washed by the Water  Russ Parrish, Topher King

Silver      He Walked on Wine Micheal McGee, Rolf Schnyder

Finalist   All I Know  R Michael Rhodes, Diann Hammer, Jeffery East

Finalist   Perfect Chance   Nii Tettey

HM         I Carry the Light  Negleatha Johnson

HM         Moving Mountains   D.B. Rielly

HM         No Apology   Lisa Ann Wright

HM         We can all be forgiven  Kevin Hale, Jeff McClellan


Gold       GuitKa   Yasmin Williams

Silver      Our New Home  Regan Zieber

Finalist   Air of Autumn   Jimmy Stewart

Finalist   Candles in The Dark  Jonathan Jensen

Finalist   Peter, Not The Wolf  Ty Ford

HM         A Guest in The House of The Wind  Woody Lissauer

HM         Healing Daniel Dean

HM         Inglenook  Joseph Goltz

HM         Lemoyne   Jimmy Stewart

HM         Serenity Prayer  Takeshi Sakasegawa

Lyrics Only                                              

Gold       The Price of a Song  Michael R. J. Roth

Silver      Last Car on the Road Robert Lee Rager

Finalist   Voices I Hear  Teghan Devon

Finalist   Widening Divide (I Had to Let Her Go)  Roy Gamse

HM         Einstein Washes the Dishes  Michael Roth

HM         Good Train, Bad Ride  Allen Partlow

HM         Homeless Sky  Michael R. J. Roth

HM         I Don’t Want to Know   Michael Hummel

HM         If  Frank Hogans

HM         More Like You   Robert Lee Rager

HM         My True North  Caryn Switaj

HM         NOLA  Cinda Smith

HM         What Nobody Does  Robert Lee Rager


Gold       Just Change the Boundary Chris Anderson

Silver      The Other Side of the Mountain  Susan Rowe

Finalist   Loch Ness Café  Mike Borok

Finalist   Not for Nothing   Hannah Guerra

HM         Already Here   Jane Fallon, Jessica Sedler

HM         Edge of the Universe   Teghan Devon

HM         Wild Wind  Justin Seagrave

HM         Wingless Bird  Aaron English

HM         You’ve Got a lot to Explain  Fox Vernon


Gold       Chasing Daylight  Eli Lev, Austin Bello

Silver      Half Moon Smile  Teghan Devon

Finalist   She Looks like Katy Perry  —  Jen Baron

Finalist   Understand Love  Gabrielle Zwi

HM         Alive Blis Savidge

HM         Artist  Eden Neville

HM         Break your fall —  Louis Cate

HM         Capes   Nick Faulconer

HM         Too Much in Love  Barry Geldzahler

R&B/Hip Hop/Urban                           

Gold       Bizness  Doxter S

Silver      Kinda Love  Ayana Hay

Silver      Overboard  Tyné Freeman

Finalist   Purgatory   Jason Eury

Finalist   Sacrificio De Un Padre Jonathan Patino-Valencia

HM         Continuous  Jason Eury

HM         Diva   Doxter S

HM         Missed Your Call  Ayana Hay


Gold       Washington Square Lullaby  Madeline Clark

Silver      Colors Fade   Noah Poncin, Aidan Bruecken, Michael Preston, Nathan Dahlman

Finalist   Faster  Thom Polychuck

Finalist   I Learned   Teghan Devon

HM         Aint My City  Thomas J. Pino

HM         All I Knew Noah Poncin, Aidan Bruecken, Michael Preston, Ted Gallegos, Nathan Dahlman

HM         History  Thom Polychuck

HM         It Doesn't Matter What it is, Just What it Seems  David Loving, Solace Sovay

HM         My World (The Autism Song) Al Gonzalez

HM         Red Summer  Hayley Fahey, Gwen Moulton

HM         Slopes  Michael Roy, Michael Larrabee

Vocal Jazz/Blues                                   

Gold       Before The Blues  Bruce Harrison

Silver      Checks and Balances  Burke Ingraffia

Finalist   Flower of My Love  Monika Ryan

Finalist   Satellite of Love   Louis Cate

HM         B Side  Nicole Belanus

HM         Old Birds  Jess Eliot Myhre

HM         Skin  Paul Reisler, K.P. Alley

Young Artist                                           

The Ghost  Teddy Chipouras

Pathway Home   Emily Mitchell

Half Moon Smile  Teghan Devon

DIrector's Award  — Shawna Caspi

3rd Place Overall
  — Washington Square Lullaby by Madeline Clark

2nd Place Overall
Chasing Daylight by Eli Lev and Austin Bello

Grand PrizeLeft Behind by Mike P. Ryan

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