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For Make Music Day, we are asking for every musician within the region to post a video of themselves playing to a virtual video wall. Can we count on you?  No contest. No Games. Just Music. Now, more than ever, music is the answer everyone can hear. We ask that you upload a video anytime before Sunday, June 21st and we will organize everyone to SHARE your VIDEO at the same time on that day. We can make an “inclosion” (soon to be in Urban Dictionary as an explosive inclusion)

This project is open to everyone who makes music. There is no other requirement except the will and chill it takes to post a video of your being musical before June 21 (Make Music Day). We can accept YouTube links or Vimeo links. The entrant is solely responsible for assuring that the link to their song works.


Thanks to all who participated in our first StreamCatcher CoVideo19 project. Here's the letter we sent out on May 18 announcing the winners and a preview of what's next:


The winners are announced and the first big winners are… songwriting, music and community.

We hope you enjoyed, learned and grew through the exercise. Nothing we write here can adequately thank you for being part of this experiment in “seclusion inclusion” through songwriting and promotion.

And it is the second of those two things that fuels our winners today. Promotion and creating an audience is the work of the successful artist. There are so many worthy efforts in the CoVideo contest that I shudder at the thought of having to pick the winners based on whose video is best. Instead we let thousands of votes determine who would be our prize winners. A combination of high score and high voter counts helped determined our awardees. Alas, there are too many good videos that aren’t on this list. The winners didn’t stop with making and placing a video, they pushed hard to bring an audience to the site, got more votes, got better votes and kept at it til midnight on May 15th.

Well-earned congratulations to the following prize winners:

Gold Prize ($1,000) 
Six Feet Apart (Crys Matthews and Heather Mae)

Silver ($250)
All I Can Give (Jillian Matundan) 
Sweet Coronacation (Lili Malatinszky) 

Bronze ($100):
Can't Go It Alone (Jen Hawley) 
Lightly (Natasha Russell) 
Midwest Fantasy (Christopher Robin Sapp) 
Show You What Love Is (Lisa Crawley) 
Will He Remember? (Jill Koshiol) 

Courageous Me (Michelle Lockey)
Having a Ball (Marcus Truelove)
I Remember Me (Richard Walton)
In the Last Hour (Lindsey Hirshfeld)
The Maker's Mark (Robert Dale Klein)
One-Sided Love (Ellie Rose)
$crubs (Kristen Ford)

We have received some responses from the poll we sent out in the last week: Yes!, More! Can you fix a few things to make it better? And so we will.

We will be announcing a virtual concert soon with some of the winners of StreamCatcher, sponsored by Focus Music and SAW. Look for details soon.

We will be leaving the StreamCatcher videos up for some time and be pointing to them throughout the year as part of our move to make online communication a better tool.

But this is no time to stop.

SAW is going to run a “virtual” community day and we are the DMV sponsors of Make Music Day (Virtual Edition) the weekend of June 20th and 21st . We will be having multiple workshops on music-related topics and song workshops online. For Make Music Day, we are asking for every musician within the region to post a video of themselves playing to a virtual video wall we will be creating. Can we count on you?

Music is always the answer and SAW, StreamCatcher is going to work with you this year to find all the new ways to give voice to music and to gather people, however and wherever it works to bring more. We will all learn together how to work at our craft and protect our art.

Thank you again and we hope to hear from you soon,


Jay Keating

President of SAW

Songwriters' Association of Washington is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.


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