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presented by the Songwriters' Association of Washington

Grand Prize Winners

Grand Prize  Mike Ryan  Between Heaven and the Ground  

Second Prize   Kevin Dudley  For Sale Sign

Third Prize  Chris Hardy  Wasting Time

Young Artist Award  Calista Garcia   After You're Gone

MASC 38 Category Winners

HM = Honorable Mention

Adult Contemporary

Gold I Can't Breathe Brooke Fair

Silver Wasting Time (Turn the alarm…) Tedd Swormstedt, Patrick Dodge and Riley Roth

Finalist Rope Burns Madeline Clark

Finalist Silence Hurts More Natalie Wees

HM Because of You Rob Gould

HM Brother He's In Love John Langan

HM Gonna Be a Better Day Chris Hardy

HM Imposter   Natalie Wees

HM Lover's Rendezvous T. Edwin Doss

HM Over the Moon Over You Louis Cate

HM Two Hearts Vincent Guzzetta 


Gold I Will Follow You Josh Orange (Gordon Burke, Andrew Wass, Alex Miller, Shane McLaughlin, and Blaine Munnings)

Silver Painted Sky Café Andrew Wolf

Finalist Bitter Blues Domenic Cicala

Finalist Farewell Maggie Valley Dan Weber

Finalist Honey (Love love…) Brooke Fair

Finalist Honey (We can stay here…) Joe Downer

HM Colors in Kansas Paul Wolfe

HM For Sale Sign Kevin Dudley

HM I'll Be Coming Home Soon T. Edwin Doss

HM Lord Lay Me Down  Andrew Wolf and Elizabeth Wolf

HM Muddy Boots Kevin Artz and Brad Marshall

HM Whittle T. Edwin Doss


Gold Connected at the Heart Alexandria Paris

Silver The Best Way to Be Carrie Ferguson

Finalist Little Humming Bird Dan Hildebrand and Adonna Lemon

Finalist Stink Bug Dan Hildebrand and Pete Honzik

HM Be Who You Are Jenny Heitler-Klevans

HM Bring Us Good Cheer (also known as The Iguana Song) Larry Dilworth and Caroline Dilworth

HM Cooking Up Some Happiness Kelli Caldwell

HM Daddy's Little Girl Bryant Switzky

HM Elephant in My Fridge Frank Fulton  

HM Ghoul on A Mule Frank Fulton

HM I Am Hopeful Valerie Amster

HM Mean Gene in Halloween Frank Fulton

HM Sing Your Song Rich Follett


Gold For Sale Sign Kevin Dudley

Silver Missing My Baby Blues Jeff McClellan

Finalist Highest Bidder Tedd Swormstedt and Jeffrey East

Finalist Lord Lay Me Down Andrew Wolf and Elizabeth Wolf

Finalist New Miner's Blues Kevin Dudley and Valeria Stewart

Finalist Shade of Blue Tedd Swormstedt and Victoria Banks

HM 50 cards a case of beer and a pack of cigarettes Michael "Max" McGee and Rolf Schnyder

HM A Better Life Robinson Treacher

HM Best Friend John Langan

HM Don't Want to Let It Go Heather Sarona

HM Doublewide Michael Carpenter

HM Here for The Beer "Max" McGee and Jeff Moxcey

HM Melody Without a Memory Patrick Dodge, Kelli Johnson and Ava Paige

HM Strength in You and Me Kendra Lester Talley

HM What's Your Hurry Terry Miller and Allen Kave

Folk Acoustic

Gold Between Heaven and the Ground Mike Ryan

Silver Politics Robinson Treacher 

Finalist A Better Man Mike Ryan 

Finalist Cityview Sav Buist 

Finalist Fireflies Erin Ash Sullivan 

Finalist Safe    Jillian Matundan

HM After You're Gone Calista Garcia, Rachel Weisbart and Patrick Oberstaedt 

HM And On It Goes   Emmah Lynch

HM Calling You Home Mike Ryan

HM First Kiss   Roy Gamse and Shawnee Shaman

HM Harvest Jill Koshiol

HM Highway Annette Wasilik

HM I Don't Care Anymore Taylor Abrahamse

HM Love and Fire Annette Wasilik

HM Lover's Lullaby Jesse Powers 

HM Somebody's Daughter Breezy Love

HM You're Not My Dream Come True Paul Wolfe

Freedom Songs

Gold The True Story of Civil Rights Martyr Viola Liuzzo Roy Gamse and Joseph DeNatale

Liberation Music Dumi Right  

Finalist Gonna Be A Better Day Chris Hardy

Finalist Thoughts and Prayers David Scott Weaver

Finalist Wasting Time Chris Hardy

HM Fences David Scott Weaver and Cinda Smith

HM Freedom Greater Than Love Robert Merz

HM World is Ending Alan Xtra and Chris Anderson


Gold Change Tedd Swormstedt and Jeffrey East

Silver Clear Springs Jeff McClellan

Finalist Cradled by the Moon Jan Blaising and Nancy Beaudette

Finalist Mountaintops and Oceans Jan Blaising and Nancy Beaudette

HM Light in Night Yehin Cho

HM Love Begets Love Pete Marksteiner

HM You Make Me Feel Alive Rick Stephenson


Gold Peace Bomb Eric Scott 

Silver This Is My Calling Dumi Right

Finalist Bird Descending Desson Thomson and Bradford Heck

Finalist Rebel Heart Louis Cate

HM ACountABull — Kiya Slater (Xiya) 

HM Babys Daddy Michael Jennings

HM Suffer Daliah King and Buggy Nhakente

HM What Everyone Else Feels? Dan Miller


Gold Natural Compromisation Yana Nikol

Silver Zig's Groove Michael Potts

Finalist Kaneohe Sunrise Dave "Kawika" Fiely

Finalist Needles Highway Don Walters

HM Dr. Ben Michael Potts

HM Lullaby for Eloise Allan Corby

HM Mila's ay ay Eyes Michael Potts

HM Moments with You  Joe Loschiavo

HM Spiritual Healing James McDowell 

Lyrics Only

Gold Trestle Walker Blues Charles McCullough

Silver Stolen Moments Tim White         

Finalist Bird Descending Desson Thomson 

Finalist God or Something Michael R. J. Roth and Eric Ramsey

Finalist I Smell Trouble Roderick Deacey

HM Angel on the Wing Rick Landers

HM Broken Mirror Michael R. J. Roth

HM Four String Gibson Lynn Swisher Spears

HM Home for Now Amee Amin

HM In God We Trust Charlie McNamara

HM While Paradise Burned Kerri Shore


Gold Think Too Much Breezy Love

Silver Wasting Time Chris Hardy 

Finalist Charlie Mike Ryan

Finalist Come Back Home Again Roderick Deacey and John Seay

Finalist Love Finds You Roderick Deacey and John Seay

Finalist The Lean Years (Reprise) Eric Selby

HM 1st Without You Kiya Slater (Xiya)

HM A Picture of Her Smile Toshiya Ochiai

HM Aza's Song Carrie Ferguson

HM I'll Be Coming Home Soon T. Edwin Doss

HM In Stories & In Song Zachary Ryan Parkman

HM Lost at Sea Roderick Deacey and John Seay               

HM One Day at a Time Jacob Rubin

HM Painted Sky Café Andrew Wolf    

HM Thoughts and Prayers David Scott Weaver


Gold Watch My Sting Seanie Blue and Peter Fox

Silver Slay Me with Your Eyes Louis Cate

Finalist Blue Christie Chirinos

Finalist Eloise Jen Hawley

Finalist See It Through Jill Koshiol

HM I Was Weak Amanda Cunningham

HM Sizzle Ava Anderson and Stacy Lee Anderson

HM The Snow Rowan Clark

HM Valencia Morgan Laird

HM Caveman John Langan


Gold Calm Down Adriel Genet 

Silver Not for the Life of Me Louis Cate

Finalist Ain't No Life Stephen Pate

Finalist Out the Other Side Jim Hiltz, Kyle Reitz and Jeff Bober

Finalist When the Skies Fall Drew McGuire and Kelsey McGuire

HM Baby I think It’s Time to Go Redentor Jimenez

HM B-Side of My Life Jon Spear

HM Chicago Madeline Clark

HM Ellipses Michael Dubuque

HM Other Shoe Jonathan Steinman

HM Spark the Wire Desson Thomson and Bradford Heck

HM Swarm Stephen Pate

HM Under the Stairs Josh Sweeney, Cami Proctor and Abbey Haste

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Gold Tavi's Song Carrie Ferguson

Silver Dinosaurs Jessica Smucker 

Best Animation The Grumpytime Club Carrie Ferguson, Samara Sawyer and Garrett Sawyer

Best Comedy Sexy Sea Shanty Louisa Hall and Annie Nardolilli

Best Dance New Vibration John Maksym

Best Found Images Bump Lynn Swisher Spears, Jon Shain, Dana Thalheimer, Andrew Berinson, Omar Ruiz-Lopez and FJ Ventre

Best Message The Skin I'm In April Webb (Sounds Of A&R)

Best Performance Video The Price Christopher Colletta

Best Single Camera I Didn't Know Tim White

Video Vault Award Keening Sugar Blue Ron Newmyer

Finalist Lollipop Sandra Bishop, Peter Fox, and Helena Protopapas

Finalist The Bear (Covid Blues) Mike Glick

HM Back Together Again John Dawson and Dale Fierke

HM Better Talia Segal  

HM Closing the Deal John Peiffer and Vera Pereira

HM Hope Jim Hiltz, Robyn Bingham, Kyle Reitz, Jeff Bober and Dave Prescott

HM I Am Determined Valerie Amster

HM Living While Black Mike Glick

HM McQ Seanie Blue, Peter Fox, Helena Protopapas and Sandra Bisho

HM My Amazing Grace Debra Gussin and Dale Effren                

HM November Robert Ahrold

HM Pentecost Mary Mateer and Malcolm Guite

HM Swift of Magic Robert Ahrold 

HM Water Rising Dan Lipton  

Vocal Jazz/Blues

Gold Falling Desson Thomson and Bradford Heck

Silver Moments When I Was a Kid April Webb (Sounds Of A&R)

Finalist Alpaca Socks Jesse Powers

Finalist Juice Isn't Worth the Squeeze John Dawson                        

Finalist Por Que Valeria Stewart 

Finalist The Things We Were Brooke Fair

HM Bury Your Burden Valeria Stewart and Kathleen Huber

HM Clare Voyant Louis Cate

HM Damage Is Done Desson Thomson and Bradford Heck

HM Don't Get Mad Get Swinging Oren Levine

HM Gateway Drug Kimberly Shires and David Anderson

HM I Like The World With You In It John Dawson

HM Made Up Mind Dara James


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