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SAW Social Events

SAW social events, large and small, are an opportunity to get to know other songwriters and to get back to the joy of sharing music.

Song Circles

Song Circles are a great way to get your songs heard and to meet new people, including potential collaborators. Each song circle is a little different, depending on the host, but here is what you can generally expect:

People sit in a comfy living room and take turns playing a song. Newbies rule! Show them some love. Experienced people will often bring new song ideas to try out. Listeners are welcome but may be bumped from the circle if seats are scarce.

While originals are encouraged, covers are welcome—be sure and tell the group where the song comes from. If you invite them, others may play or sing along, but the emphasis is on listening. No critiques are offered. Only snacks!

Watch this space and the SAW Buzz for upcoming social events.

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