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presented by the Songwriters' Association of Washington

Results of the 2013 Mid-Atlantic Song Contest

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Grand  Prize

"I’ve Been Thinking About Mexico"

Becky Warren (TN)

2nd Place Overall

"Looking Glass"

Rick Webster (Australia)

3rd Place Overall

"I Love U"

Lena Pennino-Smith (NY)

BMI Songwriters  Award

"Chasing Forever"

Andrea Pais (MD)

Director's Choice Award


Kipyn Martin (MD)

Young Artist Award We Should Be in Love Andrew Tufano

(HM = Honorable Mention)

Adult Contemporary

Gold “I’ve Been Thinking About Mexico” Becky Warren
Silver “Stay Calm, Stay Low” Becky Warren, Brad Hammer
Finalist “All About Breathing” Talia Segal
Finalist “If It Mattered” Jane Fallon
Finalist “Shooting Star” Nickolas Samuels
HM “America Can’t Die” Bruce Parker, Jim Ebert
HM “Amsterdam” Owen Danoff
HM “Captivate My Heart” John Jackson, David Sieracki
HM “I Wish I Knew Better” Owen Danoff
HM “More Than a Friend to You” Roger Hoselton
HM “My Heart’s an Open Book” Roger Hoselton
HM “Trade Up” Wes Tucker


Gold “I Love U” Lena Pennino-Smith
Silver “Teddy Bear Adventures” Kevin Madden
Finalist “Little Star” Mary Gordon Hall
Finalist “The Penguin Song” Marsha Goodman-Wood
Finalist “Up in My Tree” Lanny Sherwin
HM “Aug the Frog” James Brentar
HM “Dino Song” Jan Gillies, Mary Shapiro
HM “Grabby the Crabby” Lena Pennino-Smith
HM “I Love My Skin” Jon Spear
HM “Welcome to This World” Lena Pennino-Smith

Country / Bluegrass

Gold “Catastrophic” Renee McCullough
Silver “Magdalene” Karyn Oliver
Finalist “No Yodeling on the Radio” Karen Collins, Arty Hill
Finalist “Rain Kiss Me” Renee McCullough
Finalist “The Fallen One” R. Mack Harrell
HM “Possum Trot Road” R. Mack Harrell
HM “Sweet Cider” Glen Roethel
HM “Vintage” Samantha Brooke

Folk / Acoustic

Gold “Bay View Massacre” Paddy Mills
tie-Silver “Hank and Jesus” Dan Weber
tie-Silver “The Land and the Sea” Hannah Hickok, Maggie Kraus
Finalist “Love Without You” Brett Barry
Finalist “Rubber Band” Catherine Miles, Jay Mafale
Finalist “Waffle Boy” Tracy Newman
HM “A Townes Van Zandt Song” James Curley
HM “All These Gifts” Catherine Miles, Jay Mafale, Paul Silverman
HM “Antennae” Woody Lissauer
HM “Mother” Rob Lytle
HM “Orchard” Kipyn Martin
HM “Right Here, Right Now” Mary Gordon Hall
HM “Take the Central Georgia Home” Dan Weber
HM “The Family Tree” Glen Roethel

Gospel / Inspirational / Christian

Gold “The Answer” Alexander von Guggenberg II
Silver “Courage” Sharon Dennis, Doris Au MacDonald
Finalist “Abba Father” Donate von Bredow-Gardner
Finalist “I Made Room For Grace” Sue Riley, Melinda Wood Allen
Finalist “The Power of Prayer” Sherwin Kaufman
HM “1 Another (We Need)” Richard Radford
HM “Artist's Loving Hands” Tom Nichols
HM “Lose Yourself” Nicole Belanus
HM “Words of Wisdom” Crys Matthews


Gold “Looking Glass” Rick Webster
Silver “Ben Avigdor 20” Tomer George Cohen
Finalist “Miss Muse & the Delightfully Dead” Peter F. Nostrand
Finalist “Soups” Kevin Neidig
Finalist “Thinking of You” Jim Allchin
HM “Albemarle Sound” Don Crigler
HM “Amped (A Seizure Inducing Soundscape)” Christopher Schreiner (drop.kick.pop)
HM “For the Irish #2” Robert Keelin
HM “Irony” Dena Monticone
HM “Riding A Bicycle” Lou DeAdder


Gold “Nightbird” Kipyn Martin
Silver “Hang a Paper Lantern On the Moon” Anna Dagmar, Kevin Wanzor
Finalist “Fire Up the Weed” Tracy Newman
Finalist “Here’s Looking At You” Don Micallef
Finalist “I’m Only Sleeping” Katie Hardyman
HM “A Capella Ella” Jane Fallon
HM “Baby Got Bush” Emily Pakes, Amy Radley, Christina Mcauley
HM “Dandelion Dreams” Sue Riley, Glen Roethel, Penny Nichols, Chris Kunstadter
HM “Mommy Needs A Timeout” Sarah Motes Ashley
HM “Raggedy Andy” Talia Segal


Gold “Chasing Forever” Andrea Pais
Silver “Free” Andrea Pais
Finalist “Can’t Get Over You” Chris Hardy
Finalist “Falling Again” James Hayden Gallagher
Finalist “Keeping Me Awake” Kate Moran, Paul Ottinger
HM “As Long As I’m With You” Dan Fisk, Dave Mallen
HM “I Got You” Lisa Lim
HM “My Sweet Sweet Home” Michelle Lockey
HM “Roses” Woody Lissauer
HM “Speed of Sound” Margot MacDonald
HM “Table for Two” Heather Renee Dieguez
HM “We Should Be In Love” Andrew Tufano

R&B / Hip Hop / Urban

Gold “Could’ve Been Precious” William Stewart
Silver “12 to 12 Woman” William Stewart
Finalist “Jekyll & Hyde” Medi Kikoni
Finalist “Make Love to Me” Alexi von Guggenberg, Lyssa Belle
Finalist “Without Warning” Robert Bailey

Rock / Alternative

Gold “Devil With A Red Dress On” Christopher McVey (Redline Addiction)
Silver “Two Wine Glasses” Eric Bettencourt
Finalist “Balance on the Wire” Ethan Frye (The Lantern Slides)
Finalist “Ordinary Fool” Christopher McVey (Redline Addiction)
Finalist “Perfect Fit” Lisa Lim
HM “Beat of You, Rock ‘n’ Roll” Brendan DeBonis
HM “Corporation Man” James Hiltz
HM “Falling Off the Pedestal” John Jackson
HM “Feel Free” Margot MacDonald
HM “Our Moment” Christopher McVey (Redline Addiction)
HM “Rising Tide” Letitia VanSant, David McKindley-Ward, Will McKindley-Ward, Tom Liddle
HM “The Good Songs” John Jackson
HM “Uptown” Christopher McVey (Redline Addiction)
HM “Waterlemon” Ethan Frye (The Lantern Slides)
HM “Where I'm Coming From” 
Matthew Prodanovich, Adam Bradley, Michael Pereira, John Fengya, Mark Siford, Michael Chinen

Vocal Jazz / Blues

Gold “Nothing Better Than You” Tracy Newman
Silver “Bread Out of Stones” Tom Dews
Finalist “Fade Away” Rick Webster
Finalist “My Kind of Special” Emily Pakes
Finalist “Walkin’ In Love” Angela Parrish
HM “Disappear” Pharon Shiloh
HM “Here’s Looking At You” Don Micallef
HM “Tell Me More” Laura Baron, Pat Quinn
HM “Went Fishing & I Caught the Blues” Angelo M.
HM “You Can’t Unring Bells” Melanie Mitrano

The winning entries for Grand Prize, 2nd Overall, 3rd Overall, BMI Songwriter Award, and Director’s Choice will be announced at the 30th MASC Awards Gala on Sunday, January 19, 2014 at 6:30 pm at Jammin’ Java, Vienna, VA.

Thanks to our Prize Sponsors for making this contest possible!

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