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presented by the Songwriters' Association of Washington

The 33rd Mid-Atlantic Song Contest Award Recipients


(HM = Honorable Mention)

 Grand Prize     "New Waltz"                                                          Seth Kibel                                                             

2nd Place Overall

"Upstanding Citizen" Owen Lyman-Schmidt (Driftwood Soldier)

3rd Place Overall

"U So Mean Nothing 2 Me" Ryan Martinez, Mike Westbrock, Debra Gussin

Director’s Choice Award

"Matches" Carolann Solebello
Young Artist  "Dirty Imbecile" Ross Monteith, Calvin Langman
2nd Place Young Artist "Sophia’s Song" Taylor Gayle

Adult Contemporary

Gold “Stand Up” Heather Mae
Silver “Wonder Wheel” Lara Herscovitch
Finalist “All-Nighter” Talia Segal
Finalist “Always On My Mind” Ryan Minton, Chip Johnson, Michael Dasher
Finalist “You Can Count On Me” Ryan Minton, Chip Johnson, Michael Dasher
HM “Besos de miel” Yiraí Santiago, José Gómez
HM “Cannot Make It So” Hannah Guerra
HM “Ghost” Mike Tedesco
HM “God Made You” Erin James
HM “Love Me Southern” Bonnie Warren, Charlotte Sands
HM “Ooh I Love My Coffee” Marc Black
HM “Sands Of Time” Louis Cate, Kathy Cate, Abby Anderson, Paul Scholten
HM “Something To Lose” Madeline Clark


Gold “Sweet Summer Days” Lea Morris
Silver “Treehugger” David Heitler-Klevans, Jenny Heitler-Klevans
Finalist “Heading South” Karen Collins
Finalist “Sleep” Doxter S
Finalist Soft Landings Roger Tomhave, Daniel David Johnson
HM “No Time For Hate” Annie Lynn, Chris Arms
HM “Sugar“ Ynana Rose, Montessori Children's School Philosophers
HM “That's All There Is” Annie Lynn
HM “The Tree, The Ship And Me” Lynn Hollyfield

Country / Bluegrass

Gold “White Pass Railroad” Laurence Baer
Silver “She Makes The Rain Shine“ Jeff Moxcey, Michael "Max" McGee
Finalist “Friday Night” Doug Stanglin, Luke Liddy
Finalist “Homemade And Handed Down“ Roger Tomhave, Jan Garrett, Carole Tomhave
Finalist “Raised On A Country Song” Tedd Swormstedt
HM “3:00 AM“ Sidney Murray
HM “18 Wheels“ Steve Johnson
HM “Can't Buy This” T. Edwin Doss
HM “Foolish Heart” Kim Person, Lana Puckett
HM “Real” Elaine Romanelli
HM “Teardrops” Mike Hyden
HM “You Don’t Deserve One Tear” Tedd Swormstedt

Folk Acoustic

Gold “Best Of You” Crystal Hariu-Damore, Peter Damore (Ordinary Elephant)
Silver “Matches” Carolann Solebello
Finalist “Bad For Me” Emily Henry
Finalist “God Is Love” Kipyn Martin
Finalist “Grant And Lee” Lynne Taylor
HM “Before The Fire” Jane Fallon
HM “Caliber“ Heather Aubrey Lloyd
HM “Fais Do Do (A Cajun Lullaby)“ Mike P. Ryan
HM “Found“ Owen Lyman-Schmidt (Driftwood Soldier)
HM “Grand Canyon” Brad Yoder
HM “Last Goodbye” Austin MacRae
HM “The Bravest Thing” Lara Herscovitch
HM “The Tribe” Sharon Goldman
HM “Up In Flames” Austin MacRae

Folk Rock/Americana/Roots Rock

Fais Do Do (A Cajun Lullaby)
Mike P. Ryan
Silver “Incantations”  Christopher Mark Jones 
Finalist “On My Own”  Allison Dietz, Scott Smith
Finalist “Swamp Thing ” Denny Hemingson, Abel James, Dean Brown
Finalist “Wherever You Are”  Tyler Shafer
HM  “All In The Same Boat Now”  Byron Walls, Judith Walls Freeman 
HM  “Arkansas“  Emily White 
HM  Drunken Eyes  Olivia Greene
HM  “Jacksonville”  Susan Kane
HM  “Let Me Keep You Warm”  Allison Dietz, Scott Smith
HM  “So Far From Home”           Ryan Minton, Chip Johnson, Michael Dasher
HM  “Someone New To Disappoint”  Scott Ramminger 

Gospel / Inspirational / Christian

Gold “Say Yes” Laura Zucker
Silver “Come Unto Me” Kevin T. Hale
Finalist “Christmas Carol ” Sidney Murray
Finalist “Hearts Wide Open“ Michael R. J. Roth
Finalist “What You Make Of Me“ Mike Hyden
HM “Blood On Our Hands ” Michael R. J. Roth
HM “Find Your Way“ Laurence Baer
HM “Grace And Love“ Costie Payne, Alex Smith
HM “Lead Us Home to the Promised Land“ Spook Handy
HM “Mary's Song“ Negleatha Johnson
HM “Mountain of Joy“  Salvatore Boyd
HM “My Power”  Art Wong, Drew Drewek
HM “The Latter Rain”  Negleatha Johnson
HM “We Must Save Our Children”  James McDowell 


Gold New Waltz Seth Kibel
Silver “Motor City” Kevin Pace
Finalist “Bullfrog” Scott Slay
Finalist “Winterlude” Carol Van Alstine, Willie Jaeger
Finalist “Winter Minuet” Steven Pelland
HM “A Guest In The House Of The Wind”          Woody Lissauer
HM “All The Best In The New Year” Jay Marciano
HM “Monkey Tumble” Rogue Johnsen
HM “Peace In The Valley” Drew Davidsen, Richard Walton
HM “Quantum Leaps (And Bounds)” Carl Tyrone Bartlett, Jr.
HM “Stone Soup” Danny Dean
HM “Two Shades of Grey” Richard Walton


Gold “God Is Love” Kipyn Martin
Silver “Endless Possibilities” Chris Hardy
Finalist “Dirty Imbecile” Ross Monteith, Calvin Langman
Finalist “Flashlight” Talia Segal
Finalist “Soft Place To Fall” Jonathan Bluth, Debra Gussin
HM “Kol Isha (A Woman’s Voice)” Sharon Goldman
HM “Nehemiah” Laurence Baer
HM “Pillar of Salt” Sharon Goldman
HM “Rain” Harrison, Craig, Giambusso
HM “Sunset View” Diann Hammer, Mitch Hammer
HM “The Loneliest Lonely” Mike Hyden


Gold “Beautiful” Casey McQuillen
Silver “No One Knows” Diann Hammer, Mitch Hammer, Clayton Jones
Finalist “Hero” Heather Mae
Finalist “Sophia's Song” Taylor Gayle
Finalist “Use This Love” Charlie Millikin, William Millikin, Miriam Millikin
HM “Addiction” Teghan Devon
HM “All These Little Things” Ryan Minton, Chip Johnson, Michael Dasher
HM “Destination Me“ R. Mack Harrell, Shauna Sweeney
HM “Just Press Play ” Lexi Peto, Chad Hamilton
HM “Magic” Diann Hammer, Mitch Hammer, Clayton Jones
HM “One Voice” Cat Ivy
HM“Think I Care”Madi Earl
HM“Wanderer ”Heather Mae
HM“Window Shopping 4 Love”Louis Cate

R&B / Hip Hop / Urban

Gold “U So Mean Nothing 2 Me” Ryan Martinez, Mike Westbrock, Debra Gussin
Silver “Living” Sabria Larae Richardson
Finalist “Freedom” Cristopolis Dieguez
Finalist “Love Again”            Ana November
Finalist “Skin In The Game” Louis Cate
HM “A Better Place”  Bonez
HM “City Of Angels”  Piero A. Valdizan, James Allen, Brian Godinez
HM “Come Thru“ Joshua Maxwell
HM “Just Another Day”  Dumisani Ndlovu, Pep Sanyangore, Sol Edler
HM “Rain”  Harrison, Craig, Giambusso 
HM “The ComeUp”  Kenneth Wright II, Jarelle Lassiter, Stephanie Yorke

Rock / Alternative

Gold “Yellow Lines” James Britton, Jamie Boyd, Doug Imhoff, Mark Williams (Throwing Plates)
Silver “Silence Comes Easy” Hari Vasan
Finalist “Any” Robzie Trulove, Charles Maven, Jay Ford, Joey Garcia (RadaR)
Finalist “Dirty Lies And Whiskey” James Britton, Jamie Boyd, Doug Imhoff, Mark Williams (Throwing Plates)
Finalist “Is It Enough?” Hannah Guerra
HM “Cowards And Fools” Allison Dietz, Scott Smith
HM “Elemental (Closing Doors)” Rudy Brent Norman
HM “It Hurts“ Michael "Max" McGee, Jeff Oxford
HM “Outside Looking In” Ryan Minton, Chip Johnson, Michael Dasher
HM “Singalong” Tim Barrett, Elston Ruddock
HM “That Kiss” Erik Liner

Vocal Jazz / Blues

Gold “Upstanding Citizen” Owen Lyman-Schmidt (Driftwood Soldier)
Silver “Living Too Fast ” Scott Ramminger
Finalist “A Person Like You ” Steve Johnson
Finalist “Do What Your Heart Says To” Scott Ramminger
Finalist “Hoping That The Sun Won’t Shine” Scott Ramminger
HM “At The End Of The Day” Joel Newman
HM “Dancing At The Belvedere” Steve Johnson
HM “It’s Hard To Be Me” Scott Ramminger
HM “She’s Gonna Get Even ”        Steve Johnson
HM “Summer Wheels” Norm Saunders
HM “Thorns In That Crown” Judy Daigle
HM “Thank God For the Blues” Denny Hemingson
HM “The Boxcar Blues” Chris Gallerizzo, Tim Aquilino, John Mullaney


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