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SAW Serves Benefit Concert

12/30/2013 7:25 PM | Stephen Coffee
By Amy Lowenstein
On November 23rd, SAW sponsored a concert to benefit the Lyons, Colorado Community Foundation. ( Lyons was devastated by flood waters on September 12th 2013. Lyons is the home of Planet Bluegrass ( and a vibrant music community. Many of us have strong ties of friendship and respect for that community of fellow musicians. The concert generated over $1,000 in donations for the Lyons Community Foundation. The concert was produced by Larry Mediate with the assistance of Amy Lowenstein.
SAW members Siobhan Quinn and Michael Bowers related accounts of the near total destruction of the town’s infrastructure during their SAW concert series performance in September. A brief phone conversation between Larry and SAW Serves coordinator Richard White was all it took to get the ball rolling. It all came together as planned although Cindi Slaughter was unable to make it to Northern Virginia for the show as scheduled, Ladies Done Waiting graciously filled in with a great set of music.

Gratitude and respect to these performers and volunteers:
Ladies Done Waiting (Chris Anderson, Kathleen
Hubert, and Kim Melton)
Jean Bayou (with Jim Clark and Ron Goad)
Tom Bodine, Marcy Cochran and Scott Malyszka
T. Edwin Doss
Jim and Ashley Cash
Michael Bowers
Larry Mediate, Jim Clark, Niels Jonker (with Ron
Caron Dale (Master of Ceremonies)
Jim Johnson (Stage Manager and live sound mix)
Richard (Cardo) White (Live sound mix)
Ron Goad (Percussion and color commentary)
Amy Lowenstein (Logistics and attention to detail)
Larry Mediate (Sound / lighting systems and volunteer
Special thanks to Pastor Stephan Smith-Cobbs and
Trinity Presbyterian Church of Herndon.

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