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What's In A Name?

07/22/2014 5:41 PM | Deleted user

Have you noticed that there’s an awful lot of acronyms these days?  It seems like every organization, business, government office and neighborhood coffee shop has their own share of insider’s lingo.  If you’re like me, you don’t often think about the meaning behind some of these monikers because they’ve been around for so long.  Let’s consider for just a moment what we identify with when we use the name “SAW”.  

Firstly, we are “songwriters”.  We share a unifying experience, interest, livelihood and passion.  This first word unites us with millions of others who share that passion.  Second, we are an “association”...we are organized into a cooperative whole and have a connection to each other through formal membership.  Lastly, “Washington", is our common ground and local community.  

These three words communicate some of what we are about, but not all.  We each have been members of SAW for various amounts of time and may have very different connections and experiences of what the association is all about.  For some, it’s a small group of folks to enjoy an open mic with every week.  For others, it’s an online Facebook community for making new connections.  For still others, it’s where we volunteer our time as a board member or support local events.  There are probably as many meanings and experiences of SAW as there are members, and perhaps that’s the beauty.  We come together, united by the three words in our name, but also as persons excited and passionate about community.  Artists can have a difficult time reaching out to others and sharing what they do with the world.  It’s a vulnerable place to be.  But when we unite ourselves with others who share our passion and interests, we find a supportive group that cares about many of the things we care about and that understands our individual need to contribute to something.  And that’s what can’t be communicated in a name -- that connection and contribution.  It‘s something that needs to be experienced and shared.  

Whatever SAW is for you, we hope it continues to be a meaningful connection where all are encouraged to contribute to the ongoing song of life.

Written by Nicole Belanus

Songwriters' Association of Washington is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.


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