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“Start By Believing” -- video to support sexual assault victims

10/23/2018 11:14 AM | Stephen Coffee

Longtime SAW member and past board member Lynn Revo-Cohen wrote “Start By Believing” after her company conducted a training for Army First Responders. The main message of this training was to teach First Responders that 95% of the sexual violence calls that come in to them are true. It was led by the head of the sex crimes unit from the Austin, TX police department.

She says...

Hi SAW Members, I produced this music video to give courage to sexual assault victims to tell their story and to encourage those who listen to “Start By Believing”. You will know some of the powerful singers and musicians in this video - Cecily Bumbray, Nina Lane, Leah Anderson, Jamie Boyd, Eric Scott, James Britton, and Dave Mallen who is also my music producer. I worked with Filmsters, an Annapolis film company, to produce the video. I hope you like it and PLEASE SHARE it with anyone you know who feels the same way. Best Regards, Lynne

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