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Promoting Your Creative Passion

08/01/2015 1:01 PM | Deleted user

Previously, I had completed a YouTube Tutorial Series called How To Promote Your Music With Video on The Internet: A Shoestring Approach. (I know, too long a title). I've just started a new tutorial series called Promoting Your Creative Passion. The differences are: each tutorial is very much shorter (normally 5-7 minutes long), more focused on one topic, covering not just using video to promote your creative passion, but other promotional areas, and targeted not just to musicians and songwriters, but all the creative arts. As part of this, I also want to do Skype interviews with people that have talents in promotion, that they can share. If you're someone like that, let me know. Link: Promoting Your Creative Passion

I also continue my internet TV program The Performing Songwriter


Ray Naylor

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