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Welcome song writers, song lovers, song singers and other casual misfits of the creative rodeo that is modern music. SAW hopes to be your best resource for tools, tips, ideas and relationships. If you seek opporTUNEities to share your gift, come and join us as we make the solitary suffering that is songwriting an enriching community-based experience (or at least try real hard). Roam our pages and social media outposts, ask questions, attend functions and otherwise make yourself heard and seen. If we help you find rhyme, that is our reason. SAW is a community of volunteers, so we need you to participate. Make yourself at home and get to work on your next song.    

SAW is a proud sponsor of the Takoma Park Folk Festival. Please help us support this fabulous free festival. Info about volunteer opportunities or to donate, visit tpff.org.


Visit our contest pages for info about the 36th Mid-Atlantic Song Contest and to enter.  Deadline to enter is September 30. Questions? Email masc@saw.org


Community Day was so much fun,  music and education in one day that no one person could take it all in.  Below is a video (thanks to SAW AV Club's Steve Pendelbury)

MASC Winner Showcase

Come to the Arts Barn in Gaithersburg on July 13 for a Saturday night of music by some of the notable winners of the 35th Mid-Atlantic Song Contest. Tickets on sale here; special discount available for SAW members (see details on our event page).


The Songwriters’ Association of Washington (SAW) is a community of aspiring and professional songwriters dedicated to cultivating excellence in song craft.  Established as a non-profit organization in 1979, SAW continues to develop, promote, and encourage songwriters through education, networking, and performance opportunities throughout the Washington DC metropolitan area.

People of all ages and musical backgrounds join SAW to become better songwriters, find collaborators, learn about the business and craft of songwriting, showcase and strengthen their performance and musical skills, and make lifelong friends. 

Songwriters' Association of Washington is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.


4200 Wisconsin Ave, NW
PMB 106-137
Washington, DC 20016

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