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  • 07/22/2018 4:58 PM | Deleted user

    good story - money quote: "...McKenna has become formidable in country music, co-writing nearly 100 songs a year."                                          ...that's a song every 3.65 days(!)

    The article about EGREM (the Cuban studio) in the same issue is also interesting. 

  • 07/03/2018 7:43 AM | Anonymous

    Hi folks. I'm actively looking for  two people musicians and writers.   On the mature side, 40s maybe 50's. Male female doesn't matter.   Sirius original songwriters who can play and sing and write. Just finished my 7th album and would love to start something playing out at meaningful venues. Acoustic only, sorry no kids. Let me know.   For lack of anything to reference to, maybe Lady Antebellum. Great vocals and writing. Multi instrument would be nice. I play guitar mandolin and dobro. Let me know, thanks and hope to see everybody soon. Tom

  • 07/02/2018 10:50 AM | Anonymous

    Celebrating my 99th song on album #7, in my catalog of albums. It's a great day, took a long time. There will be more. Thank you for inviting me into the saw membership, and making me feel welcome. 7th album just finished, entitled "Pearl Street". Tom oneill

  • 06/29/2018 9:09 PM | Anonymous

  • 06/29/2018 9:02 PM | Anonymous

    Just moved here a couple of weeks ago. Relocated because it's a great music scene. Could use a little help from my fellow Riders if you know of any simple affordable  room to rent, I could use all the help I can get. Southern Maryland or Rockville Bethesda area, E-Tec. Let me know. It would be most appreciated. Tom the music alive

  • 06/11/2018 4:37 PM | Anonymous

    hi folks, just joined and very excited about S.A.W. moved from Colorado, via VT and CT. 7th album just finished today, and jazzed to play some of the tunes out.

    Looking to hook up with serious, mature (sorry kids)writers and players. Serious original material only. Thomas Oneill 

  • 03/19/2018 3:41 PM | Deleted user

    I’m now relasing music under the stage name Zadok Strawberry, and I have a new EP , “Songs For Nemisis”. It is now live on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. I think I’m doing a better production job than my other releases, and trying to make it more compelling and concise. I played and recorded everything you hear, with Shisha McKee adding vocals on one track. I would love feedback, even if you don’t feel as good as I (sometimes) feel about it!

  • 01/17/2018 9:48 AM | Deleted user

    Alice Darling is an American Adult Contemporary singer, songwriter, keyboardist and music producer known for her sophisticated style of writing. Platinum award winning mixer, Benny Steele, raves about Alice in his reviews on SoundBetter as being “a fantastic singer-songwriter!” Who has “superb” abilities to produce “incredibly musical and sophisticated” as well as “classic songs with a lovely vocal delivery”.

    While her hot single “What I Want” premiered in movie theaters across the U.S. and AM1044 radio, Alice’s first album, Alice Darling, dropped world wide on December 9, 2016 and can be listened to on Amazon MusiciTunesSpotify, and Google Play.

    As an ASCAP Composer/Publisher Member, Alice has previously written and sang for the United States Virgin Island International television and film commercials. Presently, she produces music through Venus and Alice Publishing, LLC as well as teaches music production classes to young aspiring musicians in southern Maryland. Alice has plans on continuing to write and produce new music for her second upcoming album.

    Contact Alice Darling:
    Telephone: 443-481-8045

    Cd: UPC- 04023246600

  • 12/29/2017 1:10 PM | Anonymous

    January 20, 2018

    Vienna, VA   Four-time Emmy winner Mike Audick will shoot concert sequences to complete his production of SAW member John O'Connor's Trickle Down Blues  and Habit of You by Jim Wilson. Cargo and the Heavy Lifters return to the Jammin’ Java concert venue January 20th for the sixth time in 2 years. CHL will be performing some new Rock and Blues music and a few of their hit songs from their live CD too. Bushmaster featuring Gary Brown will add their Blues and Funk grooves to the mix. Mike Audick has produced for BET, the Discovery Channel, National Geo TV, The Travel Channel, The History Channel, NBC Sports, Fox Sports, ESPN, USA Network, HBO, Comedy Central, CNN, PBS, BBC, and many more. As always, CHL works hard to be worthy of their DC fan base’s continued support. Premium Plus tickets $25, General Admission $15. Tickets and directions can be found at:

    About Cargo & the Heavy Lifters

    Cargo & the Heavy Lifters formed in the Summer of 2015 and met with immediate success. The powerful and soulfully irresistible voice of Randy McCargo is backed up by the Heavy Lifters, veteran musicians who play slick-tight compositions and arrangements of standards that shatter the expectations of any audience. CHL aggressively tackles any genre from any decade with the same energy and mastery. On any given night they can be as good as the best Rock, Blues, Country, and Soul bands, all at the same time. CHL released their first CD, Live at Jammin' Java in November of 2016. The hit single Hello Josephine! played on over 100 broadcast radio stations and a dozen internet stations worldwide. On any given day you can hear CHL in over 50 countries (including the US of course) on 160 broadcast stations. When Habit of You is released in the Spring it will play in 43 countries on the first day.

    “With groovy guitar licks and bursting soulful lyrics, Cargo & The Heavy Lifters provide an exemplary look at what American music sounds like. With covers and originals, the group focuses on the old school aspects of blues, rock and even country. The booming voice of Randy McCargo make this group a must see, as his dynamic voice is a rarity in the modern scope of music. From the sound to their attire, this band is wonderfully old school, and as their website exclaims “awesome.””
    - On Tap Magazine (Nov 01, 2016)



    John O’Connor

    703 455-1110



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