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  • 12/03/2017 5:30 PM | Anonymous

    the Jingle Jangle Ball with SPUR and friends for raising Autism Awareness will be on Sunday Dec. 3rd at 5:30pm at the Epicure Cafe in Fairfax Va. the show/benefit is sponsored by Mobius Records and EK Screenprints and all proceeds are going to Autism Speaks. there will be raffles for prizes donated from local businesses as well as t-shirts, cds, and more! there will be many student performers as well as SPUR and Donna Frost and others. Scott Elliott of SPUR has a son on the spectrum. cd and music downloads will also support this effort.    shirts and cds are also available at Mobius Records in Fairfax. Please help support this effort by coming to the show or purchasing the music and/or t-shirts. for more info go to

  • 09/30/2017 11:07 PM | Anonymous

    In August 2017 I released a 13-song CD entitled "Going Places."  In addition to performing vocals I played all instruments on it, including guitars, bass, keyboards and drums, with additional midi-drum and keyboard programming as needed.  My music is heavily influenced by the British invasion of 1964, and top 40 radio from the mid-60's to the mid-90's.  The CD is available on CD Baby, iTunes, Spotify and other online music stores.

  • 09/29/2017 12:32 AM | Will Diehl

    Thank you for reading... a review of my latest EP ... lots of other music available if you want to check it out at Thanks.

    Will Diehl’s latest EP release, “Give It Time” beautifully walks the line between strong acoustic melodies and folk rock tendencies which capture the emotion Diehl puts into his tantalizing lyrics. The Manassas, VA singer-songwriter exhibits fluency when it comes to creating a mood that encapsulates the recording as a whole, making it a remarkable experience for every, and any listener. The record has a lot to live up to, as Will Diehl’s previous work has received critical acclaim from the media and fans alike. Will this release achieve the same feat? I absolutely believe it will.

    The EP starts off with the upbeat and intriguing opening track “I Can’t Get Enough Of Your Loving”, which focuses on the smoky vocals Diehl brings forward on a bed of acoustic guitar and piano driven rhythms. The song gives us a look at what to expect on the rest of the album, setting the organic tone for what’s to come. “Tender Years” slides in on a slow burning harmonica-tinged, mid-tempo ballad, and another luscious dose of Diehl’s gravelly vocal cords.

    Will Diehl

    Will Diehl

    “Give It Time” drives itself forward with a repetitive chorus that hypnotizes the senses, to get the listener to experience the emotion Diehl puts forth, it’s remarkable. Yes, we get bluesy vibes and eerie tones, but the singer-songwriter sticks to his roots, with a simple but heartfelt intimate message, that beautifully brings the listener down to earth.

    “Slow Down” has a different tone than the songs played beforehand, it’s much more layered musically and vocally, but still includes important lyrics. The use of the organ just adds to the effect of the song as a whole.

    What really got me into this EP was the final track, “Long Road Back To You”, the song grabbed me from the very start with an Americana sound that reminded of vintage Bob Seeger. The clear tones lets you pick up exactly what Will Diehl is singing about.

    While he croons, I invite you to try to experience the emotion he conveys, it adds so much to the song, which draws you in and makes you appreciate the EP much better. There’s a lot of things to appreciate on this record, be it from its fluid nature in sound to its passionate storytelling, Diehl will always be a mastermind for putting forward work that hits close to home for so many people.

    Will Diehl’s is a man of great talents, and since the start of his career has been setting himself up by putting together music that is emotive, intricate and personal. There’s no denying that what he writes lyrically empowers many others too.

    With Diehl’s latest offering, “Give It Time”, we see him experiment more with his acoustic-folk sound, resonating an Americana and roots twist to his music. There’s more of a consistent approach in terms of sound with Diehl channeling something that meets the expectation of any Will Diehl record; the ability to make one person feel all kinds of emotions – lyrically and musically. - Review Indie

  • 09/04/2017 12:35 PM | Anonymous

    Is there anyone interested in swapping songs via email for informal critiques/suggestions?  I, for one, could use some additional perspective on my work, and can't always make it to the organized Toolbox sessions.  I figured others might be in the same boat?  If there is enough interest we could even organize such an email group, or something.

    Let me know if you're interested:  lynskey.michael(at)

  • 07/12/2017 11:10 AM | Anonymous

    My new CD has just been released!  This Could Be Love is a compilation of songs that I've written, arranged and sung.  It includes a wide range of styles, running from Country, to Blues, to Pop to Folk, all in traditional style but given contemporary treatment.  And, of course, the easy listening voice weaves it all together.  The CD is $20 and will be available on my website and through all the usual lines of distribution.  Right now you can get it directly from me through the end of July for $15.  Let me know if you want one at the reduced price.  703-586-3734

  • 06/27/2017 8:29 AM | Deleted user

    hello folks!

    I was born in Washington DC.  I have been creating music for almost 40 years.  I currently have 54 albums but mostly I am completely unknown. My stuff includes lots of jazz, blue grass, rock, piano sonatas, classical guitar, avant garde jazz, dance, orchestra, synthesizer, etc. I also have hundreds of art images that I created. - everything is offered for free, but you can't make any money from it   -)


    Gilbert Engle

  • 05/30/2017 6:35 PM | Deleted user

    Can anybody recommend open mics in the Silver Spring/Takoma/DC area?  There are so many musicians in that area, yet almost all the open mics listed here are in VA or way up in Rockville.  Thanks!

  • 02/05/2017 12:20 PM | Deleted user

    I play guitar, (and some fretless bass). Interested in joining an artist for an upcoming set/showcase. If the chemistry is right, willing to meet, learn 3 to 5 tunes, and "support" your sound. Experienced in songwriter genre and instrumentals. My website: will give you more details.   Thank you.

  • 01/14/2017 10:06 PM | Anonymous

    Hi everyone! 

    I'm a songwriter working primarily in GarageBand 10 and could really use some help in learning how to mix. Willing to pay for instruction. 

    If interested, please email me at

  • 01/08/2017 5:51 PM | Anonymous


    I've recently moved to the DC area from Ireland! I'm a singer/songwriter. I'm not in the Irish trad vein but i have certain Irish sensibilities. I'm attending open mics to find my way around at the moment.

    I am interested in meeting writers producers and recording studio people. 

    Here's my website

    My email is

    Thank You,

    Siobhan O'Brien

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